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Paul Adams Fine Wines Ltd, High St, Mayfield, East Sussex, Reg No 11445609, TN20 6AQ, United Kingdom.

Azamor Petit Verdot

Azamor Petit Verdot

The Alentejo climate is known for its cold winters and hot summers. In the winter, the temperature can drop down to 0°C; in summer, it can rise to 43°C. Humidity ranges between 20% in the summer and 100% in the winter, with an average rainfall of 450mm per year.
Azamor Petit Verdot is an exceptionally elegant red wine with a beautifully delicate fruit aroma, soft fresh fruit flavours and a classic French oak barrel lift. The wine has an excellent length and finishes with a balanced structure and soft tannins.

Region: Alentejo
Grape: Petit Verdot
Producer:- Alison Luis Gomez
Vintage: 2015
Price is for a 75cl bottle

Price: 19.75