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Paul Adams Fine Wines Ltd, High St, Mayfield, East Sussex, Reg No 11445609, TN20 6AQ, United Kingdom.

Château de Boursault, Brut, NV Magnum (150cl)

Chteau de Boursault, Brut, NV Magnum (150cl)

Château de Boursault, Brut, is full flavoured, biscuity and very well balanced with an elegant, refined finish and superb length on the palate.
This perrennially good Champagne, Château de Boursault is always elegant and consistent which is why it has been used for many years as the house champagne for some very highly regarded establishments.
Based in the orignal Chateau built by Veuve Clicquot who created one of the iconic Grand Marquees, Chateau Bousault create a stunning Champagne from historic vineyards using traditional methods.
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Region: Champagne
Grape: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay
Vintage: NV
Style: Dry Champagne
Alc: 12% vol
Price is for a 150cl bottle

Price: 74.95