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Paul Adams Fine Wines Ltd, High St, Mayfield, East Sussex, Reg No 11445609, TN20 6AQ, United Kingdom.

Hugel Classic Gentil

Hugel Classic Gentil

Hugel Classic Gentil is a joyous, convivial wine whose arrival the Hugel family always awaits with impatience in the spring following each vintage. Hugel Classic Gentil shows pure, fresh aromas, very fruit-driven and floral, as well as expressive and flattering. On the palate, this dry wine has a lively, youthful fresh character that is refreshing, with a pleasant, scented finish. Hugel Classic Gentil is a perfect wine to sip with friends or to enjoy with simple everyday meals. Gentil is best enjoyed chilled with saltwater and freshwater fish, shellfish, starters and hors d'oeuvres.

Region: Alsace, France
Grape: Blend
Producer:- Hugel
Vintage: 2010/11
Style: Fruity dry white wine
Alc: 13% vol
Price is for a 75cl bottle

Price: 12.50