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Paul Adams Fine Wines Ltd, High St, Mayfield, East Sussex, Reg No 11445609, TN20 6AQ, United Kingdom.

Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

The grapes for Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon are grown in California's cool climate coastal vineyards in Monterey, Santa Barbara, Mendocino and Sonoma. The wines are barrel-aged for 7 months in French and American oak for toastiness and are aged on their lees to add classic creaminess and fatness.
This Cabernet has distinct flavors of black currant, blackberry, blueberry and cassis with enticing aromas of mocha and nutmeg. Notes of smoke, cedar and tobacco leaf round out the lingering finish.
Randy Ullom, Winemaster

Region: California
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon
Producer:- Kendall Jackson
Vintage: 2013
Style: Full-bodied red
Price is for a 75cl bottle

Price: 29.95